YaYa’s EuroBistro in St. Louis

YaYa’s EuroBistro in St. Louis

YaYa’s EuroBistro in St. Louis

Ya Ya's Hickory Grilled Flank Steak




Whenever we are in town and close to one of the restaurants that uses our beef we absolutely have to go and try it.  The hero chefs have made the effort to seek out farms and farmers from which to source product directly.  Over the years we have developed some great relationships and friendships with these guys.  It is such a privilege get to know chefs who make food an art.  It is a thrill to see, smell, taste the efforts of their art in the preparation of what we have raised.  It reminds us that what we do it not simply produce livestock but we produce food that is part of an incredible eating experience.  It humbles us to see the full circle from farm to table, especially a table other than my own.

We had never eaten at YaYa’s before and were full of anticipation.  First off it was a thumbs up when the restaurant proudly displayed a sign on the front of their building, YaYa’s Buy Fresh Buy Local and the names of the farms from which they purchase product.  This idea and philosophy carried through to the menu which offered a bit of information about the farms, proud to see Rain Crow Ranch American Grassfed Beef there.

The atmosphere at YaYa’s was an upbeat casual, the crowd and activity pretty vibrant on a Saturday night.  They were very busy and glad that we had made reservations.  As is a habit with my husband when we go to a restaurant that uses our beef and they do not know us he innocently inquires of the waiter about selections on the menu that feature our beef.  He wants to hear what they have to say and how well they handle questions.  (Mark likes to play games with people.) Darrell did a great job and told the story of our beef beautifully.  We of course introduced ourselves and made a great new friend.  Later in the meal, Chef Rob Uyemura came out for a chat and what an honor it was to meet him.

There were two selections on the menu tonight that use our beef.  One was a Hickory grilled flank steak, fresh corn sauté, okra, white cheddar-chile polenta, and sorghum steak glaze. The other was beef tenderloin, potato puree, seasonal vegetables, cracked black pepper gorgonzola Chianti sauce.  Both were fantastic.  Should I admit I am also a little bias?  No, it was really really good.

Thank you Chef Rob and YaYa’s for a great evening.

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