What Should the Grass Fed Label Mean?

What Should the Grass Fed Label Mean?

What Should the Grass Fed Label Mean?


Grass fed is not at this time legally defined.The USDA did publish for comment a standard in May 2006 which if it passes into regulation will establish a grass fed standard.This definition would allow the Grass fed label to be applied to animals whose energy/feed source for 99% of their life time has been from forage and herbage and no grain.  Simply put,Grass fed refers to those ruminants born,raised and finished on grass and forage (herbaceous plant material).This minimal proposal by the USDA addresses the feeding practice only.

Grass fed producers organized under the American Grassfed Association want the label Grassfed to mean the following primary points:
• Animals raised and finished 100% on a forage diet
• No antibiotics
• No synthetic growth hormones
• No grain or grain by-products
• No animal by-products
• Never confined or fed in a CAFO,but raised on pasture

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