What is Organic Beef?

What is Organic Beef?

What is Organic Beef?

Organic can only be used in meat that has been raised under the regulations from the USDA’s National Organic Program Standards and by farms that have been inspected to assure compliance.Though the USDA certifies the various 3rd party entities that do the certification inspections they (USDA) have ownership of the term USDA Organic.

These standards for meat exclude the use of antibiotics, hormones,animal by-products and require that the animal be fed from sources of feed that are at least 70% organic and include no GMO.Further,organic cannot use artificial fertilizers or pesticides on the grass.

However, a skirting of the standard as it refers to access to pasture has allowed meat and dairy products to be labeled organic which are raised in CAFO’s and simply fed organic feed and grain.This has caused many consumers to lose faith in the strict meaning of organic.

The program relies on the credibility of the certifiers who do the inspections of the farms.Much criticism has been logged concerning the effectiveness of certifiers in foreign countries responsible for qualifying producers to the USDA for approval and being able to label products as Organic.

Further, the terms Natural and Organic came about as a tool (in cooperation with USDA/AMS) for producers to use to define their sustainable approach to agriculture and differentiate their production model from large scale industrial farming.

Consumers began to look for these labels for the health benefits and to support local family owned farms and ranches.Today many of these products have been mainstreamed and you have Industrialized-Natural, Industrialized-Organic both of which could be added to your list of terms used for marketing effect.Though the label reads the same,what is behind the label is something altogether different.

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