Welcome to Rain Crow Ranch

Welcome to Rain Crow Ranch

Welcome to Rain Crow Ranch


Welcome to Rain Crow Ranch

We love to have folks visit us at the ranch and do all we can to welcome them.  It is a family tradition to have guests come in the gate as strangers and leave as friends.  For years we have hosted friends, family, customers, auditors and curious.  We have shared our table with people from all walks of life and have generated a wealth of great memories around our table.  We are not a large corporation where we meet you in our board room.  We are a family farm and meet you where we live and work.
After 20 years of faithful service we made the decision to replace the old sentinel of welcome.

old sign

We worked with Dave Wagner of Wagner signs in Bemidji, MN www.wagnersigns.com. Who made the sign and shipped it to the ranch.
We were so excited when it arrived but that meant it was up to our crew of cowboys to get it up safely.  Different hats.





pick up sign

Picking up the sign

Mark conducts the orchestra. 




So, with a bit of muscle…












 A bit of finesse…





The Rain Crow Ranch Crew gets the job done!



Welcome to Rain Crow Ranch



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