Tis the Season to Grill

Tis the Season to Grill

Tis the Season to Grill

Grassfed steak
May is National Barbecue Month and tis the season to grill!  The sizzle, the smoke, the wonderful aroma of meat on a grill makes being outside a celebration and is the perfect kick off for summer.

Standing around a fire with friends and family as you cook supper provides a convivial atmosphere and a lifetime of memories.

Remember the grilled short ribs we talked about in our last entry? They were great to tease your hunger in anticipation of the real meal.

Steaks!  Loving all forms of beef you just gotta have a special place of honor for a great steak.  So, let me finish with the rest of a spring barbeque at Rain Crow.

First, start with a great grassfed Rain Crow Ranch steak.  Then generously cover with our favorite AGA (American Grassfed Association) seasoning.  Great steaks are complimented by great seasoning.  We like to season and let come to room temperature.raw-and-seasoned
















Peter likes to build a fire out of hickory and let it burn down to coals.  He then cleans and oils the grill surface.




















He has the grill fairly hot so when you first put the steak on you hear the sizzle.














Great steaks need great but simple sides to give the full experience.  Peter has a great partner and Kelley makes the twice baked potatoes, Italian salad and garlic cheese bread

















Add a great wine or brew and enjoy one of the best delights of the table.








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