The Farmer Can Fly

The Farmer Can Fly

The Farmer Can Fly

My husband, Mark, has always been a white-knuckled flier. It would totally unnerve him to board a plane. On an overseas flight several years ago he had to take a tranquilizer before getting on board. He absolutely hates to fly (commercially).

So,imagine my surprise when about 10 years ago he goes out and buys a plane, make sense? It didn’t to me. He bought a Cessna 182 with the idea of taking lessons. He has now logged many hours and enjoys flying a great deal as a pilot. I tell him it is a spiritual problem; meaning, he is only comfortable when he is in charge! Today, he pilots a Cessna 206.

We have been given the opportunity to have some of our beef in Whole Foods Market and have been supplying the Midwest region for close to a year. We have recently been accepted to place some beef into the North Atlantic and Northeast regions.

We are very grateful for a company like Whole Foods to partner with farmers such as ourselves to source products directly from the farm. It has the potential to breathe new life into many family farms. Yet, the sourcing of beef directly from farms has unique challenges both to the farmer, the processor and the buyers.

We are hopeful that through communication, transparency and patience it is a program that will work for us the farmer, for Whole Foods the retailer, and for the consumer –WIN–WIN–WIN.

How does flying and selling beef to Whole Foods connect? We left today in our Cessna 206 for a promotional trip to Boston/Cambridge area. We will stay for about 10 days to tell the grass fed story and provide consumers a chance to taste grass fed beef in 8 different Whole Foods Markets.

My husband describes it as,Be careful what you ask for! Yes, we are farmers and our favorite place is on the farm but this week we will be wearing our marketing and cooking hats as we talk the grass fed story in Boston.

Producers who take the plunge to market their products direct must often assume the role of the jobs that are usually in the middle between the farm and table.

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  1. susan holaday 11 years ago

    I met you and your husband at Whole Foods last summer in Boston (Cambridge St.) and was very impressed with your ground beef. I was recently asked by a chef in our area for recommendations of grassfed beef and gave her your name.

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