The Family Farm is the Heart of America

The Family Farm is the Heart of America

The Family Farm is the Heart of America

farm roadFamily farms are at the heart of rural communities across the country.These farmers produce high quality food and work to protect soil, air and water as well as biodiversity of crops and animals.

Family farms are not able to achieve the efficiencies that come with large-scale operations.However,family farms are generally more efficient in protecting plant and animal diversity and in limiting waste products.If they are able to market their products directly to consumers at farmers markets or through the Internet eliminating the middlemen.

Family farmers are taking advantage of selling their products at local markets or directly through the Internet rather than competing through international commodity markets.

In traditional food markets,approximately 91 cents of every dollar spent on food goes to suppliers, processors, middlemen and marketers, most of who are not based in the community.By selling directly to consumers, as much as 80 cents of each food dollar goes right to the farmer.

When the income of a family farm increases the impact is felt in the local community. By purchasing more goods and services at local businesses the farmer is directly helping his or her community.

Family farms are the foundation of strong communities.They allow consumers to enjoy a connection to their food and to enjoy healthier food.

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