Taste of St. Louis 2010

Taste of St. Louis 2010

Taste of St. Louis 2010

Food Network chef Marc Bynum joined with Rain Crow Ranch/ American Grassfed Beef to wow a packed crowd at Taste of St. Louis this weekend.  Chef Marc is thoroughly delightful and entertaining as he cooks.  Filled with energy as he prepared our bone in rib eye he explained how, “the food talks to me and I listen.”

In this case listening was watching him prepare a rib eye loin as he frenched the bones and then cut into steaks.   When you “French” a bone you cut away the meat from the end of the rib bone leaving that part of the bone exposed.  Chef Marc explained that he much prefers to use bone in meat as it has better flavor and juiciness.  The “french” part contributes a nice esthetic look.

The beef was beautiful.  Of course in my eyes I feel the pride of a producer looking on the fruition of a long patient toil for a magnum opus.  Well marbled for grassfed the cut promised to be a real tasting experience.  It was exciting to have Chef Marc work his culinary magic to simply dress the beef with freshly ground salt and pepper.

He seared the thick cuts of french boned rib eye on both sides of a hot skillet then removed to finish slowly in a warm oven.  The flavor of great beef should never be covered up with lots of seasoning and sauces and it is totally taboo at our house to think of the blasphemy of A1 or catsup.

This tasting experience was in progress for over 2 years, handled with care, pampered with the highest quality chain of forage available, and carefully processed to bring this beef to this time in the spotlight.  To take pride in the beef we produce is why we have on our label, “Raised with Pride on Rain Crow Ranch, an American Family Farm.”  It is for this reason that many consumers today are seeking products produced with care and pride on smaller-scale family farms.

Chef Marc is a new upcoming chef that has gained some amount of spotlight through his participation in the Food Network show,Chopped. 

Chef Marc flew in from Long Island and met with our family who traveled up from the farm to bring the grassfed beef and smoked bacon that he would be using in his demonstrations and competition.  It was our great pleasure to spend some time with this chef who not only is a great culinary artist but a man with a message and a platform.

Chef Marc tells how he battled many things in his teen years until he found his way when he was introduced to the art of food.  Creating something good from raw materials gave him a sense of empowerment and accomplishment that carved out his life and fueled his passion.

Chef Marc’s focus is to touch this generation of neglected young people. He stands as an aggressive participant in the fight against childhood obesity and teenage depression. His labor and his joy are to teach children and adults the lessons he received through thoughtful culinary practice. His hope is to show others that if you follow your dreams and work hard, then you can be successful.  He is a great motivational speaker as well as exceptional cook.

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