Super Bowl Sliders

Super Bowl Sliders

Super Bowl Sliders

Super Bowl Sliders


We love to take every chance we get to make an event a party. So my mind naturally goes into the celebration food mode. Football games are a big event around here, with 5 boys and a husband all who played in high school or college it is a favorite pastime. We live too remote to travel to the games of our favorite college teams and alma maters so we love to follow by TV. Typically the group has split rivalries and loyalties so it often makes for a loud game. I went to the University of Tennessee and several of the boys were born in Florida and maintain a loyalty to the Gators. My father-in-law went to Auburn and another segment of the family went to South Carolina and the Citadel. Our family is especially tuned into SEC college games because it is part of our culture and heritage. Many a Saturday afternoon we gather to enjoy watching our favorites. I love to cook what I call “fun” food. No veggies and balanced meals just good eats. The Super Bowl is no exception. This year we were just about split on which team we are pulling for to win. The argument all week has been about Eli Manning vs Tom Brady. Yet, we gather together to watch, enjoy and to eat.

Our menu this year was a family favorite; sliders, wings, a layered salad, chips and dip.

I would like to share how I make sliders. We have a big family and many are big eaters. So I looked for a way to make sliders on a fast track. If we are all together we can easily polish off several dozen.This recipe shows how to make one set (1 dozen) which I often triple or more.

I begin with a pound and half of grass-fed ground beef. I prefer 80/20 for making burgers but even 75/25 works well. You add such good flavor with this fatter beef, and remember the fat in grassfed is good fat. The healthy omega 3’s and CLA are found there. This 1 ½ lb will work perfect to make 12 – 2 oz sliders.

I line the bottom of a 9 X 13 in pan with parchment paper and leave a bit of overhang on each end. You will see why in a minute.

All you do is press the beef down into the pan to make an even layer.

 This is a lot easier for me than patting out 12 individual little patties (remember my normal batch would be 36-48). And this way you don’t have to worry about getting 12 little balls the same size. I also think the more you “work” the beef the tougher the burger.

Once you have an even layer of beef then add seasonings. You can use any of your favorite seasonings but I use sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and a bit of paprika. I always tell folks that our grassfed beef has such a pure and clean taste that I don’t want to cover that up with a bunch of seasoning. Most people usually agree with me.

Now comes the fun part and the reason I Iine the pan with parchment paper. Simply lift out the sheet of beef and flop it over onto another sheet of paper.

 Remove the top sheet and season the other side of beef.

Now you can evenly cut the sliders into 12 even squares. If square sliders bother you do the patty cake trick to make individual patties. Squares do not seem to bother us at all and it is so easy it means I will do them a lot more often.

In line with thinking that easy is better or less is more, I use dinner rolls for the buns.

I take the whole package and use a bread knife to slice through the middle but keeping each bunch of tops and bottoms connected together. Keeping them together makes toasting them easier and faster than doing them individually. I then take a brush and put melted butter on the inside.

We are cheeseburger folks so I take a block of sharp cheddar and slice very thinly. Remember, these are intended to be mini burgers.

 Now take your sheet of little slider squares and put them on the griddle or grill. I can do them all at one time if I am using a griddle like in the picture below. If I am putting them on a grill I usually put them on separately. I preheat the griddle to 325.

 If I am only making a dozen my griddle is big enough to cook the burgers on one end and toast the buns on the other end. That is neat and easy but I usually fill the griddle with 3 sets of 12 slider patties. In that case I toast the buns in the oven.

When I use the griddle like this I use the spatula to separate the sliders once I have put them on.

 As the sliders cook when I turn the sliders I toast the second half of the buns. Remember don’t turn more than once and do not press down on the burgers. You want all that great juice to stay in the beef. When just about done I turn off the griddle, rest the beef and put the cheese on the sliders.


Almost ready to eat. My mouth is watering! Cut the buns apart and let slider meet bun.



Serve with your usual burger condiments and enjoy!


Recipe 1 ½ lb grassfed ground beef

1 doz dinner rolls

Sliced cheese (cheddar, American, Swiss)

Salt, pepper, paprika to taste

3-4 T butter

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