Storms and Flooding

Storms and Flooding

Storms and Flooding


Huge storms moved through our area dumping about 12 inches of rain in about a 30 hr period and leaving in their aftermath flooding. Southern Missouri is feeling the beginning twinges of spring and we frankly expect the rain, and the occasional river or creek out of its bank.  It comes with the region.  Yet, what happened over the last couple of days goes beyond the normal.  We have experienced what some old timers are calling the flooding of the decade or even a quarter century.  Lives have been lost, homes destroyed or flooded and schools closed everywhere.

We have always been proud to have our farm located on the Current River (actually 3 miles distant) it is one of Missouri’s Scenic Waterways and its crystal clear waters are truly a delight for fishing and sporting.  Yet when the region receives a deluge of this magnitude it sure causes heightened awareness of the fierce power of nature.  Beautiful streams become torrents of muddy, violent, raging water that push everything in its path downstream in crashing rage.

We are all safe for which I am thankful and we slept in a warm dry house, some in the area were not so lucky.  Yet, we are not without our destruction.  Large amounts of fence are gone and some pastures this morning had cattle grazing in a lake.  Pastures beside creeks have lost calves, swept downstream.  It will take days to help the momma cows and calves match back up and determine the loss.

In the midst of a crisis it is always gives you pause when certain sights imprint an image on your mind.  While surveying the damage and wading knee deep water where about a half a mile of fence had been washed away I happened upon a calf.  The calf was curled up in that oh-so-sweet manner on top of a clump of debris.  I assume patiently waiting for momma to return.  It was the picture of peace.  Tranquility when all around you the world rages.

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