Slow Food – Facts and Figures

Slow Food – Facts and Figures

Slow Food – Facts and Figures

slow foodThe slow food movement is headquartered in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.This is the land of fresh pesto sauces, homemade pastas and hearty ragu’s.


The slow food philosophy seeks to keep alive authentic culinary traditions all over the world. They also seek to conserve the world’s quality of food and wine.


Slow food seeks to defend the biodiversity of the food supply.  Members of the slow food movement spread the gospel of excellent food at consumer events in communities all over the world.


Slow Food USA has approximately 12,000 members organized into 140 local chapters. They are active in 50 countries and have over 80,000 members and supporters worldwide.


The slow food movement has a goal of stopping the loss of food product diversity.  Up to 75% of European food product diversity has been lost since 1900 and over 90% of American food product diversity has been lost in the same time period.  Additionally, 33% of livestock varieties have disappeared or are near disappearing.  In the last century 30,000 vegetable varieties have become extinct and one more is lost every six hours.


We want to extend the kind of attention that environmentalism has dedicated to the panda and the tiger, to domesticated plants and animals, says Carlo Petrini, the movement’s founder.  A hundred years ago, people ate between one hundred and a hundred and twenty different species of food. Now our diet is made up of at most ten or twelve species.


In some cases, globalization may actually help. These days you can buy everything from coffee to honey, produced by small farms, over the Internet.


At the very least by supporting the slow food movement you will realize one major benefit: the slower you eat your food the less you will eat resulting in the consumption of fewer calories.

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