Our Farm Hand Grady

Our Farm Hand Grady

Our Farm Hand Grady


Part of what it means to live on a farm has to do with your neighbors.Our neighbors homes are actually several miles separated from our home and rather than feeling distant it seems to actually bind us closer.Our rural neighbors provide us a rich resource from which we learn,share in trials, share in triumphs, at times share in contentions, and always share in humor.

When we first bought our farm it came with an experienced farm hand named Grady who we kept in our employ.It was a good size place and a bit run down.

With the oldest of our boys only being 10, we figured we would need some help for a time. Grady has been a jewel as a rich source of experience,stories,and good humored help in the most exasperating of situations.He looks the part of a true cowboy.Picture the old Gabby Hayes and you know the way Grady looks.

Grady only works for us part time now, but continues to rank among our dearest of friends.He stopped by the house the other day after checking a group of heifers that are having their first calves. He goes into our home office and sits down in front of Mark’s desk where they share a cup of coffee. Grady starts by, Mark, I am not sure how much I will be able to work this winter.

Mark was concerned about Grady’s health and asked, Grady is anything wrong?

Grady replied,No, I just seem to spend so much time these days thinking about the here-after.I have reached a point in my life that it seems to consume most of my time and I just can’t seem to think of much else.

Now,really concerned Mark asked, Grady what do you mean?

Grady explained with that familiar twinkle in his eye, Well, it seems that every time I go into a room I stop and look around.I have to ask myself,Now what am I here after?

Grady is one of those timeless people who never seem to change as time moves on.He has always looked old and weathered in appearance and will remain forever young in spirit..

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