Missouri Rancher Cooks Up Support For Joplin

Missouri Rancher Cooks Up Support For Joplin

Missouri Rancher Cooks Up Support For Joplin

joplin tornado damageHickory Specialty Meats in Cape Girardeau was our son’s first business which he lost in a devastating fire this year. Insurance didn’t cover his loss to rebuild his smoke house so Jack has been helping our family business while he regroups.

When Jack heard of the Joplin devastation, he wanted to do something to help but didn’t have a lot to offer financially. However, he did have his grill which survived the fire, a willing heart to help others in need and his skill to cook for large crowds. When he asked friends to help with logistics to feed Joplin residents and rescue workers this weekend, word spread like wildfire.

We discovered that Americans throughout the United States want to express their love and support to the residents of Joplin. What started as one man with a grill from a business in ruins has mushroomed into our community of American family farmers as well as friends of our family reaching out to Joplin through Jack’s efforts.

American Welfare Approved is helping us coordinate donations, food, refrigeration and ground support. Jack will be in Joplin this weekend and he will try to keep you posted with ground reports. Follow us on Facebook or this blog for news from Joplin.

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