Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata Recipe

Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata Recipe

Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata Recipe

Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata Recipe

Guest Contributor:  BJ

Tomorrow is Father’s Day

My dad was in his late 50’s when he had kids so it was like having a grandfather for a father.

I grew up in a retirement community in Florida. At the ripe age of 5,  my fondest memories are rocking on the front porch and sharing the “good ol’ days” with my retired neighbors and parents.  When you have an older father and grandparent buddies, you are surrounded with unconditional love, wise friends and people who appreciate simple kindness.

Life is too short.  My parents and  Florida neighbors are no longer around to bless the world with their love, joy and gentle grace.  Appreciate your dads and grandparents while you have them.

Father’s Day Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata

6 eggs
2 T Half and Half
8 oz Leftover Rib Eye Steak Cut in Small Pieces
2 T Olive Oil
1 Onion Diced
1 Orange Pepper Diced
4 oz of Your Favorite Grated Cheese
1 T butter
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Basil for Garnish

Steak Frittatas are super easy to make and are perfect for Father’s Day breakfast, brunch or dinner.  You can throw together a frugal gourmet Father’s Day meal in minutes.

Use anything you prefer in your refrigerator.  In my case, I found orange bell peppers, onions, grated cheese and leftover rib eye steak.

Heat up your oven broiler.  You need it hot for the last step.

Take a well seasoned non-stick cast iron skillet and add olive oil.  Heat the pan then toss in the diced pepper and onion.  Cook on the stovetop.  Add the pieces of rib eye steak right before the onions and pepper have caramelized so it has time to reheat.

While cooking combine the eggs with the half and half.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Use an immersion blender if you want super light and fluffy eggs.

Add butter let it melt for a few seconds then add the egg mixture.  Cook without stirring on medium low heat for another 2 to 3 minutes on the stove.  Top with grated cheese then transfer the egg pan under the broiler of your oven for a couple of minutes until done.

We took  this photograph on top of our covered dock.  While we were out shooting this photo, a neighbor brought us fresh Georgia peaches from her garden which was the perfect dinner bribe!

Since we hadn’t made enough steak frittata for 4, we threw together a quick salad with spring mix, fresh Georgia peaches, blueberries, strawberries, crumbled cherve goat cheese, infused lime olive oil and wild blueberry balsamic vinegar.

On a side note . . . I highly recommend going to olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting shops.  They are like wine tasting shops but better. You will never buy bottled dressings again.

Find a beautiful setting . . .  your backyard or even a park will do.  Enjoy a Steak Frittata with your dad.  Adopt a dad if you don’t have one.

Happy Father’s Day.

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