Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe

Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe

Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe

Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe


Guest Post: BJ

A few years ago, Dr. Patti Whisnant was visiting our home in Atlanta.  Since she lives in a rural town without many food choices, she loves to hit the “big city” specialty markets.

In one of our markets, she bought some small sweet red Peppadew peppers in the fresh olive bar.  She stuffed these with goat cheese and we had them as an appetizer.

Since I am not a fan of olives, I had never tried these little peppers.  Unfortunately they aren’t cheap in the olive bars, but now I buy them all the time.  They are great for appetizers, homemade pimento cheese and pizza.

If you have been ignoring olive bars because you don’t like olives.  Definitely check them out since most olive bars have wonderful red peppers and artichokes.

My friend, Chalon, is visiting us for a few weeks this summer. 

We love having her around.  She has transformed our vegetable and herb garden.

Plus she rummages through our leftovers and pantry items to come up with amazing meals.

Chalon discovered we had leftover chicken, organic pizza sauce, sweet red peppers, artichokes, fresh jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, organic pizza crust and a variety of cheeses so she whipped up a pizza for us.  Her pizza was better than typical restaurant pizza because she was using fantastic ingredients.

Leftover Chicken Pizza Ingredients

1 Pizza Crust (organic, whole wheat, sprouted gluten free or whatever you prefer)
1/2 Jar of Organic Pizza Sauce
1 C Leftover Cooked Chicken
2 T Minced Fresh Jalapeno Peppers
1/4 C Diced Vidalia Onions (Or Sweet Onion)
3 Cloves Minced Garlic
10 small sweet red Peppadew peppers cut in half
2 Artichoke hearts cut into small slices
Variety of Your Favorite Cheeses (we used chevre goat cheese, gruyere cheese and mozzarella)
1 t Italian Spices

Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe

Most grocery stores have some form of ready made pizza crust.  Choose your favorite.

We coated ours with a little bit of olive oil and popped it in a 350 degree oven for a couple of minutes to seal the crust.

Sauté your onions until translucent and add minced garlic to the pan.  Sauté a few minutes more to cook the garlic.

Add a layer of pizza sauce, a layer of onion/garlic mix and sprinkle a layer of cheese (we added grated gruyere and mozzarella).  Now add strips of cooked chicken, slices of artichoke hearts and pieces of red Peppadew peppers.  Crumble chevre goat cheese on top.

Sprinkle with Italian spices and minced jalapeno pepper.   Since our crust was already cooked, we popped the pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

I was hesitant to add the minced jalapeno pepper but I must admit it added flavor to the pizza.  Make sure every bite has a taste of sweet red pepper and a tiny sliver of jalapeno.

If you don’t have many of these ingredients, improvise with leftovers and your own pantry items.


Talk about budget eating . . . today we had leftovers of the leftovers.

Chalon said that microwave and ovens aren’t the best for reheating pizza.  Her trick is to reheat pizza on the stove in a non-stick pan.  She actually flips the pizza to cook both sides.

Never would have guessed that pizza reheated on a stove would work but it was great.

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