Leftover Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Leftover Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Leftover Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Guest Post:  BJ

When you have a lake house, family and friends love to visit

Since we have a steady stream of company, we don’t entertain but let everyone make their own schedule and most of their own meals.   Some of our best meals are prepared by our guests.

The other night, we were watching movies.  It was late and our friend visiting from Australia was starving so she rummaged through our refrigerator for leftovers.   We had chicken from a previous dinner, bacon from breakfast and some fresh berries.  She had some croissants and found some cheese in our dairy drawer.

In about 10 minutes, she brought out a gourmet meal for each of us.  Never knew our friend was so creative in the kitchen.

Our friend’s sister visited today and we still had more leftovers

She recreated the meal for us and this time I took a picture.  Thought I would share how to stretch your food budget with leftovers.

Leftover Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Ingredients

Diced Leftover Baked Rain Crow Ranch Pasture Chicken
Rain Crow Ranch Pork Bacon Cut Into Small Pieces
Croissants Cut in Half
Swiss Cheese Slices

Leftover Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Put the croissants halves under the broiler to lightly toast for a minute or two.  Remove from oven.

Smear some mayonnaise on the croissants, add diced chicken then bits of bacon.  Top with cheese and return to the broiler until the cheese melts.

Our friend puts the chicken croissant on a plate and surrounds the croissant with fresh fruit.  Her artistic sister picked off some honeysuckle which was in bloom to add to the staging of our recipe.

Nothing could be better . . . a gourmet meal with friends from free leftovers in paradise.

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