A Healthy Grassfed Roast Beef Sandwich

A Healthy Grassfed Roast Beef Sandwich

A Healthy Grassfed Roast Beef Sandwich



Just got to rethink how we do food!  People today are more and more concerned with health and fitness.  At the same time we often find ourselves in the hurry-on-the-go mode.  So on one hand we want to eat healthy while on the other hand “Who has the time to cook?”.  Many have turned over preparation of their meals almost entirely to the food industry that may try to spin a healthy approach but by necessity are in the business of making processed foods.  Rule of thumb, when you read the ingredient list and you can’t pronounce the words or if it is really long then stay away!  The lack of nutritional whole foods in our diet and their replacement by processed foods out of the package or out of the box has contributed to the decline of American diets and wreaked havoc on our health.

A recent large study links processed meat to premature death due to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

You can improve the health and wellness of you and your family by cooking and it can be as easy and convenient as picking up “To-Go” on the way home from work.  Let’s take a look at how.

One of my family’s favorite fast food dinners are simple beef sandwiches.  Quick to prepare, ready when you get home, fits nicely into an on-the-go lifestyle.  The savory, tender beef cooked in its own au jus and eaten on a bun cannot be beat by anything on the market fast or slow.  It is not hard, just takes a bit of planning.

Take a Rain Crow grassfed roast out of the freezer.  For my family I have to use two.


Place frozen roast in a crock pot and set to high.  Add seasoning.  I often use Simply Organic Onion Soup mix, AGA seasoning or simply salt and pepper.  Sometimes I add sliced onions at this point.  Usually there is no need to add water or broth.  It will cook creating a rich natural au jus.  Side note, did you know that muscle tissue is 80% water?  In lean beef the liquid in the slow cooked pot is not fat but this water.  These juices are what we try to seal in when we sear a steak.  Yet, if you want lots of au jus to dip your sandwich in at the end don’t hesitate to add some beef broth.



Let it cook until you get home.  Plan to be wowed by the savory aroma when you walk in the door.




Remove the cooked roast from the pot.  Slice or pull apart since it virtually falls apart when you try to slice it.


Lots of healthy, yummy goodness.  Then add the beef back to the pot allowing it to simmer slowly in the au jus until you are ready to eat.















If in a hurry, just grab a bun, add your favorite condiments and chow down.  Yet, when I have the time I like to add some special treatment.  If you didn’t add the onions to the roast as it cooked then caramelize thinly sliced onions in butter.  Slowly cook until caramelized and a rich, browned color.


Butter a hoagie bun.


Sprinkle on some garlic salt.


Toast lightly.


Assemble on bun with meat, onions, cheese and toast in oven until cheese is melted.
















Serve with hot au jus on the side.



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