Ham Salad Sandwiches

Ham Salad Sandwiches

Ham Salad Sandwiches


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Easter is coming up this Sunday and many of us will have a crowd gathered. Here at the ranch, all of the Whisnant grandkids are up and running around this year which can only mean one thing: a giant Easter egg hunt! It has been rainy almost every day this week which makes for beautiful green pastures, AND to the parents’ delight, giant mud puddles for the kids to play in in their Easter outfits!

It seems like every family has their go-to Easter meal just like any other holiday. My family has always had a nice, big roast dinner. With all of the work of the Easter meal, it’s nice to have an easy lunch or snack prepared that holds everyone over until dinner and isn’t a fuss to whip up. If you are an Easter ham family, this is even a wonderful leftovers idea. This classic Ham Salad recipe can be served with crackers or store-bought and toasted croissants.



Ham Salad Sandwiches


2 cups diced Heritage Pork Center Cut Sliced Ham or leftover ham

¾ cup Mayonnaise

3 T Dijon Mustard

2 Tsp Pickle Juice

2 stalks diced Celery

1 diced Onion

2 diced Dill Pickles

Pinch of Sugar

Black Pepper to taste

Croissant Rolls sliced and toasted


1. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, sugar and pepper.


2. In a food processor, chop ham, celery, onion and pickle.


3. Toss in the dressing and serve on toasted croissant rolls or with crackers.



We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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