Growing Cows on Wheat Grass

Growing Cows on Wheat Grass

Growing Cows on Wheat Grass
Field of wheat grass

Pasture of wheat grass

Cutting wheat grass

Cutting Wheat Grass

windrows of wheat grass

Windrows of Wheat Grass

Pick up and chop wheat grass

Pick Up and Chop Wheat Grass



Chopped wheat grass enters bagger

Chopped wheat grass enters bagger

The bagger is used to fill a large bag with the harvested forage where it is allowed to ferment.  This represents the traditional way of harvesting grass which is put up dry to be stored as hay.  This fermented feed produced by chopping the wheat grass at it’s peak creates a higher plane of nutrition.

Bag of Wheat Haylage

Bag of Wheat Haylage


The haylage then is added to the animals forage diet when needed to assure an upward plane of growth for the animal which contributes to the quality of the beef produced.

It reminds me of the fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper.  The ant worked hard all summer so he might have plenty for the winter and not be cold and hungry.  The grasshopper made fun of the ant and played all summer.  Then when it was cold and food not easy to find he went hungry.
A quality chain of forage doesn’t just happen it has to be planned well ahead of the need.


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