Grilling Grass Fed Short Ribs at Rain Crow

Grilling Grass Fed Short Ribs at Rain Crow

Grilling Grass Fed Short Ribs at Rain Crow


When it is time to have a meeting, a discussion, a celebration, a welcome or a farewell it seems to always be centered around food.

That is not just a part of our family tradition but it is a part of our culture.  Our connection to food, how it is raised and the table runs deep into the heart of who we are and how we relate.  Growing up on a farm where we ate 3 meals a day together as a family . . . it seems that all of the next generation has become cooks.

Recently we gathered to welcome a couple of new employees who have joined our team at Rain Crow; James Fortner, Joe Beatty, and Aaron Fortner. With Peter as cook he did a Rain Crow style bar-b-cue.  Join us as we grill out in the early spring.

Let’s start with the starter. This is something that Peter came up with that I have never prepared which made it an especially fun eating experience.

Peter took our regular short ribs and sliced them about 1/4 in thick across all three rib bones.  When braised into submission, beef short ribs become meltingly tender and fortify their cooking liquid with thickening collagen.

But they’re also delicious when sliced thin (with or without the bones) and cooked quickly over high heat.

He then seasoned them “cowboy” style using a fajita rub we have in the retail store.  You could use any sort of seasoning but apply it generously.



He then built a hot fire out of hickory wood and grilled them very quickly until done.



Remove from the fire and cut crosswise leaving a section of bone with each slice.




Offer them to your guests who have gathered around and are waiting for the main course – Rain Crow Ranch steaks.

These were fantastic but I am anxious to try it with an Asian Marinade on skewers.

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