Green Grass and Wet Weather

Green Grass and Wet Weather

Green Grass and Wet Weather

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There cannot be any prettier color in the world than green,to a grassfarmer that is! As the dull colors of winter give way to the signs of spring we delight to see the event we call the green up.When our range pastures start the turn to green we feel a new birth,a re-creation of a new growing year.

This early spring we have had lots of moisture. In fact,we are wet.  My husband is a pilot and was flying in a couple of weeks ago and called to ask the condition of our grass strip. I told him, You better land elsewhere unless you have equipped the plane with pontoons since you have been gone.

Rain is one of those vital parts of growing good grass. As a farmer, talking weather is not just a pastime it is part of your soul. Our Missouri soil is partial to erosion and when saturated makes driving on pasture like driving on ice.We forbid anyone from driving off the farm roads unless in an absolute emergency.

Animal impact can change a field to mud in 12 hours. Yet, when not left to further abuse and properly rested it also seems to go a long way to bringing out and restoring native grasses. Managing for wet conditions is as important as managing for drought yet can be a tool to improve pasture if used correctly.

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