Flooding Again

Flooding Again

Flooding Again


I am sure that by July I will be praying for rain but right now that is hard to imagine.We have received 18 inches of rain up until last week.This is very high for our area and since most of it has already caused major flooding.The Current River reached an all time high when it crested two weeks ago.Though the river had receded the ground continues to be saturated.The storms that came through the last two days have dumped another 12 inches of rain on top of this water saturated ground.

For the second time in a month we have had a major amount of fencing washed away.Yet, we are thankful to have missed some of the devastation left by the tornados associated with this last storm system. Damage to emerging pasture is getting critical and we have had to put animals into some sacrifice areas to protect the main pastures. These are paddocks that contain our least productive grass density. The animal impact upon the sodden ground will leave them appearing to have been disked with a plow. After the animals are rotated to grassy pastures we will come behind them and sow new grass.  In the long run they will actually be improved, but in the short time they take a beating.

Currently,we have planned for working one group of yearlings this week to separate by size and prepare for spring grazing rotation of range pasture. Our pens are also soaked and even rubber boots will make for difficult moving as the mud comes half way between the knee and ankle.

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