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When we travel we are huge fans of local eating and love to discover chefs who create seasonal menus sourcing product from their local farms. Our farm works with some great chefs that take our beef and work their magic with amazing results. When on the road we love to especially seek out burger joints. In fact we consider ourselves to be somewhat expert burger connoisseurs.

Our expert credentials come not from raising beef as much as from having 6 kids that over the years have eaten a mountain of burgers – literally. Considering the all-American burger a staple of any balanced diet we have prepared our share of the meal between two buns. From the elegance of Telepan in Manhattan to the farm atmosphere of our local diner, Pie Bird’s, our beef is a part of this American tradition and we are proud that it is.

At the same time when we are on the road we love to discover local diners and dives (yes, we do watch the show with that same name). Our favorites tend to be those places that have been in business for 40-50 years, flipping burgers and serving up handmade fries. We figure that in the world of fast food whatever it takes for a small family owned restaurant to have stuck it out and still be in business that long (usually through many generations) they must be doing something right.

If we are in a new city and find a restaurant using grassfed beef then it becomes a “must do” meal. Such was the case in our recent trip through Atlanta. Our friend and webmaster, BJ, told us about a new burger place called, Flip Burger a burger boutique. Naturally we had to go and see for ourselves.

Flip Burger was a stand alone building in the north part of Atlanta it had the bright, bold colors and modern appearance almost of fast food but when you walk in the cool, jazzy style has the refined uptown look of a hip bar. We gathered into a white, cozy leather circular booth at about 2 pm for a late lunch. The simple and yet fresh menu was mainly burgers, fries and milkshakes.

We loved the names of the burgers like Farm Burger and the Butcher’s Cut which were our selections. The butcher cut featured fine dining between two buns (bakery fresh) just like they describe themselves on their website www.flipburgerboutique.com. It paired a wonderfully prepared grassfed beef burger with caramelized onion, blue cheese, red wine jam.

The farm burger was again grassfed beef this time with smoked mayo, heirloom tomatoes, local lettuce, grilled Vidalia onion, and b&b pickles. The onion rings and handmade fries on the side completed an awesome meal. The chef at Flip Burger is Richard Blais who has taken the all- American icon and made it an uptown gourmet experience. Our congratulations on an excellent job!

We asked our server where the restaurant got their grassfed beef. Good burger but it would be totally disappointing to find it was supplied by off-shore beef from somewhere like Uraguay who ships into the USA container loads of trim for a cheap grassfed grind. She explained that no, it came from a local grassfed farm. This delighted us, our meal satisfied us and all is well in farmville.

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