Farmer Markets and Buying Direct from Local Farms

Farmer Markets and Buying Direct from Local Farms

Farmer Markets and Buying Direct from Local Farms

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Chances are that at some point in your life you have had an opportunity to visit a farmer’s market or roadside stand. In the last eight years, the number of farmers markets has increased almost 80% percent,and there are now over 3,000 marketsnationwide.  Approximately 20,000 farmers sell their products only at farmer markets.

Farmers markets are making a comeback from New York City to Los Angles.Virtually every city and town, large and small has access to a farmers market that sells locally grown and raised products. Locally grown is generally defined as having been produced within a certain distance from the market. These markets are a great way to support the small family farm.

A farmer’s market has a community feel unlike a grocery store or a store in a mall. You can talk to the farmers about where their farm is located, how much land they farm, when the produce was grown, just about anything having to do with the origin of the food. You can stop and chat with neighbors, even swap good recipes. You can actually get to know the people who are growing the food you are eating.

These days the Internet can bring products from the family farm to you. Not many of us live near cattle farms or farms that grow coffee beans. We are still able to support the family farm by buying products from them over the Internet.

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