Evolution of The Health Food Movement

Evolution of The Health Food Movement

Evolution of The Health Food Movement

pat mcelroy chef

Patrick McElroy is the Executive Chef of the historic, four-diamond Hyatt Regency in St.Louis at Union Station.He focuses on flavors steeped in the traditions of Midwestern cuisine and as such he has a passion for sourcing products directly from local farms.

Patrick and his family have visited our farm and we have been greatly encouraged by the support he offers to independent farmers, ranchers, and growers who share his same philosophies concerning quality, healthiness, freshness and sustainability in our food chain. He represents a growing number of chefs who vote for what exists in the world by where they source their food.

They support generational farmers and have an appreciation of their skills and craft.By this support they are active partners in the preservation of these farms and the skills and the quality of product represented, ensuring that these artisan products are not lost or forgotten.

American GrassFed Beef from our family owned and operated Rain Crow Ranch has been a staple on Patrick’s menu for several years.I think you will enjoy this article written by Patrick for the Hyatt Culinary newsletter.Click the link below:

A Brief Look At The Evolution of the Health Food Movement

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