Earth Day 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri

Earth Day 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri

Earth Day 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri

earth day 2010 st louis missouriThis Sunday we were given the opportunity to participate in Earth Day 2010, in Forest Park, St. Louis. This event has taken place in St. Louis every year since 1989, but we were first time participants this year.

The well attended Earth Day event usually draws 25,000 or more to come out and celebrate, educate and network with others about sustainable living.

The weather on this spring day was not what you would call typical for southeast Missouri.The storms that had rumbled all night persisted into the morning with angry clouds and rain. The weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to just sprinkle or pour with a frigid breeze chilling us to the bone.

I said, “Nobody in their right mind will come out in this unless they have to.” I thought the event would be lucky to draw a couple of hundred. I promised our group from the farm that if it didn’t improve we would hang it up and go home.

Phyllis the ranch secretary, Carrie our college intern and my daughter Katie Grace were sharing the day with me. After setting up, we made a quick run to the store to get rain jackets.

To our surprise, thousands of folks braved the nasty weather to come out. Earth Day is a celebration of Earth in all its beauty and sustainability . . . rain or shine. The dreary weather did nothing to daunt the spirits of those who had decided to come to the park.

The high enthusiasm spoke to me of the level of commitment towards sustainable living these folks shared with us. As people came by our booth, we gave them samples of our beef.  I was impressed with the level of knowledge they had about the grass fed message.

We enjoyed meeting the many supportive folks.  It was not hard to convince this knowledgeable group that grass fed is a better for the animals, the health of the beef and the health of the land. Grass fed grazing is a part of sustainable living.

Many responded that grass fed was the only type of beef they ate. It was rewarding to discover that a good many were eating our American Grass Fed Beef raised on Rain Crow Ranch, our family farm already.  Several purchased our beef locally in Whole Foods Market and at Schnucks Markets.

The weather showed us there are so many people truly committed to sustainable living. We cannot wait to see everyone again on Earth Day in 2011.

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