Rain Crow Ranch Wins Reserve Champion American Royal Steak Competition

Rain Crow Ranch Wins Reserve Champion American Royal Steak Competition

Rain Crow Ranch Wins Reserve Champion American Royal Steak Competition

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Press Release American Royal Steak Competition Winner Announced

(Kansas City) Rain Crow Ranch is reserve champion of the American Royal Steak Competition.  The winners for 2013 were named at the American Royal’s Grapes & Steaks Competition held in Kansas City on Wednesday night.American Royal Grass Finished Champion

“I’m very elated that grassfed beef has come into its own with some recognition of quality.  At Rain Crow we like to talk about how our beef is differentiated by the quality and now we can back it up.” said co-owner Dr. Patricia Whisnant.

Dr. Whisnant and her family raise grassfed beef in southern Missouri where their animals live their entire lives on open pasture, eat a 100% forage diet, never receive antibiotic and never receive growth hormones. Rain Crow is certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA) according to their grassfed standards and they are certified for high animal welfare by Animal Welfare Approved.

Mark Whisnant (co-owner) further stated, “When we first started selling our beef my wife liked to talk about how it was healthier, more humane, better for the land, etc.  But I had a different take, If it isn’t good they won’t buy it a second time!   Hence, the search for what makes quality grassfed began.”

Beef producers from all over the country submitted rib eye steaks for a blind taste testing held at Kansas State University Labs in Olathe.  Grain finished and grass-finished steaks were divided into separate categories and judged separately.  Rain Crow Ranch’s award is in the grass finished category.

The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: “Ranchers Play a High-Steaks Game for All the Marbling” sets up the event with a behind the scenes view and video of how the contest was conducted to make sure there was a true judge of the beef not the chef or prep.

This special event marked the 114th anniversary of the American Royal. Through individual ticket sales, sponsorships, and an auction, the event generates funds for recipients of American Royal scholarships. Wine and food enthusiasts gathered at the American Royal Complex to participate in the tasting of the competition wines complimented by an array of delectable dishes from area restaurants.

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