Beef Crockpot Recipe – Beef Stew

Beef Crockpot Recipe – Beef Stew

Beef Crockpot Recipe – Beef Stew

beef stew crockpot recipe


In the winter months,we love to start crockpot recipes that simmer all day.Crockpots make grass fed beef cooking easy.Since grass fed beef is so lean, one of the best ways to cook our beef is in a crockpot.The slow cooking process tenderizes the beef and enhances the flavor.

Walking into our ranch home from the chill of the day with the smell of beef stew in the air brings immediate warmth.Start this recipe in the morning and by the time you return home, dinner is ready.

2 pounds grass fed kettle beef
¼ cup flour
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 ½ cups beef broth
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
½ teaspoon paprika
3 carrots sliced
3 potatoes, diced
1 – 2 onions chopped
1 stalk celery, sliced


Place grass fed kettle beef in the crockpot. Mix flour, salt and pepper and pour over the kettle beef. Stir to coat the beef. Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix.


Cover and cook on low 8 to 10 hours. (or cook on high for 4 to 5 hours).  Stir thoroughly before serving.

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