America’s Food Revolution

America’s Food Revolution

America’s Food Revolution

Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Today America is witnessing a food revolution where customers want to know how their food is grown and who grows it. Knowledgeable customers ask questions, read labels, do their investigative homework and decide ethically what food they want to eat.

This new consumer is met by a new generation of caring farmers. This new generation of sustainable farmers can be referred to as grandpa’s gutsy grandkids. These pioneers are willing to take risks and tread where the industrial factory farms feared to go.

These sustainable farmers are selling direct and flaunting the attributes of their products that can’t be replicated by the industrial factory farm system. They seek and find a market where customers appreciate the cattle raised with pride on American family farms. They are finding a niche where their farms, their families and their communities can thrive.

Many kids are returning to their family farms after graduation and taking on the new challenge by seriously studying the market and their farm’s place in it.

All of our children play an important role in the success of our family grass fed beef business. Our son, Peter, manages our processing plant and keeps a close eye on the production end of raising our cattle.

Jack, our oldest son, helps with marketing our beef. Katie Grace, our daughter, travels with us to food demonstrations and seminars. Logan, Cody and Trenton help with raising our cattle.

The future looks bright as this new generation of Whisnant’s are able to incorporate fresh energy and ideas to reach new customers with our sustainable products.

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