The All American Hamburger

The All American Hamburger

The All American Hamburger

grass fed beef burger

Spring time always brings out the renewal of our outside spirit and with that comes the grill.Naturally,our family is beef eaters and that makes for our major protein consumed.We love steaks but there are times that nothing quite satisfies like a good ol American hamburger cooked on the open grill.

I read a consumer survey recently that said 85% of Americans eat a hamburger at least once a week.  That just may top any other food type. Many of these burgers are from fast food sources and may not help the nutritional level of our kids or us.

Yet,consider this favorite of all American foods in a new and healthy version.Burgers out of grass fed beef! The varieties are endless.

A few of our favorite burger fixens include sautéed wild mushrooms on top of the burger, blueberries added directly into the meat, a blue cheese topping, the unbeatable combination of bacon and cheddar cheese, red onions, and a endless combination of condiments from as simple as ketchup and mustard to exotic homemade twists of Mediterranean,Mexican and Indian cuisine.


This weekend to kick off the burger season I think I will go basic with the classic burger and lettuce, tomato and onion.Can’t wait.


At American Grass Fed Beef we are also excited about a new product which is a half-pound burger patty.Though not for the faint and dainty, none of my boys are that, this will be an exciting new and convenient way to enjoy grass fed beef.Not even on the website yet, look for it in the next week or so.

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