American Grassfed Conference

American Grassfed Conference

American Grassfed Conference


SteamshipAmerican Grassfed Association Conference 2013 “Growing the Culture of Simple, Honest Food.”  In San Diego October 30- November 1 grassfed producers, consumers, processors, distributers, food artisans and end users came together to celebrate the American Family Farm dedicated to the sustainable and healthy production of grassfed and pastured meats.


Highlights of the conference included, Mary Berry (Wendell Berry’s daughter) of the Berry Center and Alan Geubert of Farm and Food File.  Notables and contributors included;Dean Loring of Burger Lounge, Mike Hacaga of Whole Foods Market, Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Foods, Urvashi Rangan of Consumers Union, Kerri McClimen of Pew Charitable Trust, Sarah Bell of 11th Hour Project and all the great AGA producers.


This conference built a bridge from the farm to the end-user and discussions centered on how to facilitate that objective in a simple way.  The time is ripe for changes in our food culture that pays attention to how the product is raised, who raises it, where it is raised and how to come together acting as co-producers to make simpe, honest food a reality in America.


The most hopeful panel discussion to me was the Next Generation: Young Farmers Leading the Way.  Graham Merriweather, filmmaker of American Meat,  led the discussion and asked questions.  Sitting on this panel was Peter Whisnant and Jenni Harris both raised on farms and who have chosen to “come home to farm”.


Graham Merriweather (L) and Peter Whisnant (R).

Graham Merriweather (L) and Peter Whisnant (R).





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