American Grassfed Association Conference

American Grassfed Association Conference

American Grassfed Association Conference

american grassfed association

Grazing America 2007

Building a Bridge between the Farm and the Table

The American Grassfed Association is the name that speaks for grassfed production.Dr.Whisnant has served as President of this organization for two years.The AGA’s fourth annual conference will be held November 1-3 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel, Austin,Texas.This event will bring together grassfed producers with the consumer and end users (retailer, customer, and chef) to network, learn and share information in the direct route between the farm and the table.

The list of speakers and presenters include:

John Mackey,CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market
Martin O’Connor,Branch Chief of USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
Jo Robinson,author of Pasture Perfect
Linda Faillace,author of Mad Sheep- the True Story behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm
Rick Bayless, noted author and award winning chef-restaurateur
Gary Nabhan,author of Coming Home to Eat
Monica Pope,one of Texas’ treasured chefs and restaurateur

The conference will cover the full range of topics for producers from forages, genetics, animal handling, economics, and marketing.

Innovative chef demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the conference on how to use grassfed products and the merit of whole carcass value.There will be a butchering class as well as a cheesemaking and tasting class.

In addition to the educational courses there will be tours to some area farms and a presentation by RAFT (Renewing American Food Traditions),a cooperative effort of the Chefs Collaborative, Slow Food, and American Grassfed Association.

If you are a grassfed producer, a grassfed retailer, a writer who deals with sustainable agriculture, a concerned consumer or someone who lives in the area please plan to come by the event.You can find out more information by going to and click on the conference page.  Even if you don’t want to attend the conference some of the events book separately, such as the opening reception where John Mackey will speak, the RAFT picnic,the chef demos and the cheesemaking class.

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