A Family Farm Touchstone

A Family Farm Touchstone

A Family Farm Touchstone

There are places in the world to which we return in body or spirit whenever we need rest, renewal and enlightenment. It is there that we are able to set down our burdens and find rest; it is there that we can drink deeply from a fountain of strength, and it is there that I personally can hear and see God more clearly.

My touchstone is a wild and rugged 200 acres of woods located on our family farm. These woods are cut with numerous trails large enough for a 4-wheeler or to walk, but not big enough for a truck.

It is on these wood trails that I have the privilege of running in the mornings. I know the exercise does my body good, but it is the attitude change that works the miracle.

It is where I find the greatest amount of peace, joy, contentment, hope, wonder. It is why I consider it a priviledge to live on a family farm.

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