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Pendulum Swings To Green

We are in the midst of what I call a pendulum swing.  Changes in the conscious of American consumers is swinging away from the desire for industrial cheap food and back towards basic real food like that produced on small-scale family farms where care, quality and pride go into the product.   The buying practices, moral considerations, health and safety issues and overall awareness of the environment are fueling this pendulum swing. These factors are causing an increase in interest in alternative production methods for fuels, natural and organic products and low carbon footprint livestock raising.

More and more consumers are regularly buying products that are considered good or less harmful for the environment.  According to the research from Mintel International Group conducted in December more than one-third of consumers surveyed said they “regularly” buy green products, compared to only 12% in August, 2006.  Those who responded that they “never” buy green products were cut in half, to 10 percent.

Consumers are voting for what exists in the world by how they choose to spend their dollars. 


Posted by Patti on March 20, 2008

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