There is a new food consciousness in America that can be witnessed at the grass roots level of sustainable food producers (grass fed beef included here),a more savvy, enlightened consumer, food industry professionals (chefs) and yes, even corporations.As sustainability issues and products have become more mainstream we see family farms swimming upstream to connect directly with their customers and Wal-Mart launching a multi-million dollar campaign to capture their share of…
Chef Jesse Cool

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The Education and Celebration of Real Farm Food
Eric Schlosser, award-winning journalist, and author of national bestsellers Fast Food Nation, Chew on This and Reefer Madness will be the keynote speaker at Grazing America 2006 – The Education and Celebration of Real Farm Food, sponsored by…
eric schlosser

Many referrals come to American Grass Fed Beef through health care providers; these include physicians of internal medicine, wellness/preventative medicine, cardiologists,oncologists, nurses, naturopathic physicians, etc.The choice to eat red meat for many is a conscious, researched and even sociological decision that is a part of many consumers’ efforts to live healthier lifestyles.
One of the most compelling stories I have heard was from a customer who called our company in…
Dr. Andrew Weil Grass Fed Beef

Every week it seems there is an item in the news addressing the difficulties facing the family farm.But what is a family farm and how are they different from industrial farms?
Very simply, a family farm is a community where most of the work is done by a family member.This includes everything from planting vegetables and feeding animals to marketing the products grown and produced at the farm. Not only is…
What is a Family Farm?

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American Grassfed Association
100% Grassfed Ruminant Program ~Measuring, Standards & Requirements
These requirements apply to all farms and ranches approved by the American Grassfed Association (AGA) for the production of Certified Grassfed Ruminant animals and products destined for certification by the AGA. Only farms and ranches using the AGA’s Certified American Grassfed™ logo are certified following these herein Grassfed Ruminant Standards practices:
1.1 Grass-based animal production.
1.2 Grassfed…

I am often asked to speak to various groups of cattlemen concerning grass fed beef production and marketing.The following represents one of these meetings:
Though my education and experience are in the field of livestock production my only credentials in coming to you tonight is Our Story.  The story of our family farm would parallel that of many of yours and it is in this story that lays the true…

I have always explained what we do is to raise grass.We then use cattle to harvest that crop.The key to using forages optimally is to rotationally graze these forages.Under rotational grazing the livestock is allowed to graze only one portion of the pasture at a time,allowing the rest of the pasture to rest.To accomplish this the open pasture is subdivided into smaller pastures (called grazing paddocks) and the cattle are…
Rotational Grazing

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