A reporter recently asked that I clarify a position I had taken concerning the USDA 2006 grass fed proposal.
REPORTER: The Associated Press quoted your concerns about the USDA’s recent proposal to broaden the term grass fed. They’re suggesting that only 99 percent, rather than 100 percent, of a cow’s diet come from grass forage and by defining forage more broadly to include things like leftover corn stalks from harvest…


REPORTER: Speaking for the American Grassfed Association, you said,We feel very strongly that any grassfed standard must address the issue of confinement as an integral part of that standard: otherwise the label will lose its integrity.We have two issues at play – the feeding regimen and confinement.  Why do you see them as integral to your definition of grassfed?
DR. WHISNANT: The USDA has chosen to address only the feeding…

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As I stated in this article the newly emerging grass fed industry is rapidly growing due in most part to the increased attention from various media sources.More consumers are becoming enlightened as to the differences and benefits of choosing grass fed beef over factory farmed industrial beef.
The majority of grass fed beef is produced on small family farms where they take pride in the care and quality of the…

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Grazing America 2006 in Colorado Springs was a great success.It truly was an Education and Celebration of Real Farm Food as it facilitated the building of a bridge from the farm to the consumer.  While relaying important information to the producer,the event opened dialogue and forged relationships between producers and end users.  The tours,the Grassfed Tasting, the seminars,the banquet with Eric…


August 8, 2006
Martin E.O.Conner
Chief,Standardization Branch,
Livestockand Seed Program,
Room 2607-S
1400 Independence Avenue,SW
Washington, DC 20250-0254
RE:Docket No. LS-05-09
The American Grassfed Association (AGA) would like to commend the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service for publishing a proposed voluntary claim and standards for grassfed (forage) marketing.  The proposed voluntary regulation should provide a good measure of assurance for protecting the integrity of any label claim using the term…

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Eric Schlosser was our keynote speaker at the American Grassfed Association conference in Colorado Springs last month. He was a delight to get to know and held our group of 250 grass fed producers in rapt attention.
It was thrilling to us as producers to hear him speak to the benefits of raising animals on grass the way nature intended rather than opting to enter the world of industrial meat…

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Published: July 26, 2006
THE Agriculture Department has proposed allowing animals to be labeled grass-fed even if they never saw a pasture and were fed antibiotics and hormones.
When Martin E.O.Connor, chief of the standardization branch of the department’s livestock and feed program, explained the proposed rule at a conference of the American Grassfed Association in Colorado Springs,Colo., on Friday, members were angry.
Producers of grass-fed animals…

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