Grady rides our range most mornings especially when any of our calves are due to calve.This chore often falls to him mostly because he really enjoys it and partly because he is so good at detecting problems almost before they happen.
Grady is one of those gifted people who has a sixth sense about animals.Often he has amazed us with how quietly and gently he can get most animals to…
Grady's Red Tail Hawk

Everyone would like to see the family farm survive.There is a desire to support a way of life that has existed in America for hundreds of years.Consumers should support the family farm not just because of their way of life but because there are real benefits to buying products produced on a family farm.
Family farms are more likely to produce safe and fresh food without the excessive use of…
grass fed cattle

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In the winter months,we love to start crockpot recipes that simmer all day.Crockpots make grass fed beef cooking easy.Since grass fed beef is so lean, one of the best ways to cook our beef is in a crockpot.The slow cooking process tenderizes the beef and enhances the flavor.
Walking into our ranch home from the chill of the day with the smell of beef stew in the air brings immediate…
beef stew crockpot recipe

The slow food movement is headquartered in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.This is the land of fresh pesto sauces, homemade pastas and hearty ragu’s.

The slow food philosophy seeks to keep alive authentic culinary traditions all over the world. They also seek to conserve the world’s quality of food and wine.

Slow food seeks to defend the biodiversity of the food supply.  Members of the slow food movement spread the…
slow food

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One of the most commonly asked questions concerning grass fed beef is “How does it taste?” or the alternative question of Is it really tough?What I have always believed in marketing our beef through American Grass Fed Beef is that you may convince people to try it once for the health benefits or some of the altruistic benefits (humane handling, sustainable agriculture) but they won’t buy it again if it…
taste grass fed beef

Organic can only be used in meat that has been raised under the regulations from the USDA’s National Organic Program Standards and by farms that have been inspected to assure compliance.Though the USDA certifies the various 3rd party entities that do the certification inspections they (USDA) have ownership of the term USDA Organic.
These standards for meat exclude the use of antibiotics, hormones,animal by-products and require that the animal be…
What is Organic Beef?

A reporter recently asked that I clarify a position I had taken concerning the USDA 2006 grass fed proposal.
REPORTER: The Associated Press quoted your concerns about the USDA’s recent proposal to broaden the term grass fed. They’re suggesting that only 99 percent, rather than 100 percent, of a cow’s diet come from grass forage and by defining forage more broadly to include things like leftover corn stalks from harvest…

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