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The ranch is a busy place.  Meals often have to be easy as well as flexible.  We have always made it our tradition to feed whoever is around at lunch.  That may mean just a few or up to a dozen.  Our open door policy means we at times have to throw a few more beans into the pot…
Steak, Beet and Blue Cheese Salad

Gorgeous, cool, sunny day in mid-October. Listening to great music by Gorilla Swing. What could be better than a great chili cook-off?  Maybe, the Cardinals making it to the World Series?  Well, the setting was in St. Louis at the Town and Country Whole Foods Market after all.  Maybe it was the celebration of the spectacular fall day, the Cardinals winning or…
Grassfed Beef Chili Cook-Off - Recipes of Winners

Just got to rethink how we do food!  People today are more and more concerned with health and fitness.  At the same time we often find ourselves in the hurry-on-the-go mode.  So on one hand we want to eat healthy while on the other hand “Who has the time to cook?”.  Many have turned over preparation of their meals…
A Healthy Grassfed Roast Beef Sandwich

When it is time to have a meeting, a discussion, a celebration, a welcome or a farewell it seems to always be centered around food.
That is not just a part of our family tradition but it is a part of our culture.  Our connection to food, how it is raised and the table runs deep into the heart of…
Grilling Grass Fed Short Ribs at Rain Crow

My husband Joe and I switched to a Paleo Diet a few months ago.
From 14 years a vegetarian to a “Grok” eater was a long journey.  If I hadn’t changed to a carnivore, I never would have become friends with the Whisnant family many years ago.  Life takes surprising twists and turns.
When we switched to Paleo eating, we needed to find…
Paleo Grass Fed Pot Roast Recipe

Hmm. Short ribs are definitely on my favorite comfort food list.
These short ribs are almost obscenely good. They smell so savory cooking it creates a wonderful “Welcome Home” aroma and the tender meat falls right off the bone.
Served over rice or mashed potatoes these short ribs are to die for. Easy to make too!
Start with Rain Crow…
Grass Fed Short Ribs

Nothing says summer and the 4th of July like the All-American favorite grill food, the hamburger.
When a burger is done right there is not a better comfort food on the planet.  Consumer surveys report that 82% of Americans eat a hamburger once a week. I am sure there must be a hamburger monument somewhere.  If fact, Americans are so dedicated…
The All-American Grassfed Hamburger

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