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There is a new food consciousness in America that can be witnessed at the grass roots level of sustainable food producers (grass fed beef included here),a more savvy, enlightened consumer, food industry professionals (chefs) and yes, even corporations.As sustainability issues and products have become more mainstream we see family farms swimming upstream to connect directly with their customers and Wal-Mart…
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The Education and Celebration of Real Farm Food Eric Schlosser, award-winning journalist, and author of national bestsellers Fast Food Nation, Chew on This and Reefer Madness will be the keynote speaker at Grazing America 2006…
eric schlosser
In a study published last week by the Union of Concerned Scientists an independent scientific group has reported what we grass farmers have been saying all along, that beef from grass-fed is healthier. This study has put together findings comparing both pasture finished and conventionally finished beef and dairy   Grass-fed beef and dairy contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid…
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Missouri Grass Farmers Now Offer Organic Certified Processing To Family Farms This month Fruitland American Meat in Jackson, Missouri owned by veterinarian Dr. Patricia Whisnant and cattleman Mark Whisnant received USDA approval for organic certified processing.  The Whisnants are grass fed beef ranchers who market their beef directly through their website Dr. Whisnant shares, We initially sold large cuts…
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