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By Andrew Gunther
At a hearing of a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, a representative of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) finally caught up with the rest of the world – and his peers at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – and admitted that…
At Last! USDA No Longer Missing the Link Between Antibiotic Use by Big Ag and Human Health

Not that we like to gloat, but…
Grassfed beef from two Animal Welfare Approved farmers has gone head-to-head with conventional beef in separate taste tests. The results are in and, well, to be modest, SMACKDOWN!
This past summer, AWA supporter Chef Bill Telepan issued a challenge to Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant of American Grass Fed Beef—bring him some grassfed…
Savvy shoppers Take Note: Place Your Bets on Grassfed Beef. You’ll Come Away a Winner.

Grazing America 2007

Building a Bridge between the Farm and the Table
The American Grassfed Association is the name that speaks for grassfed production.Dr.Whisnant has served as President of this organization for two years.The AGA’s fourth annual conference will be held November 1-3 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel, Austin,Texas.This event will bring together grassfed producers with the consumer and end…
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Marian Burros has long been an advocate for sustainable farming as well as a champion of grassfed meats sourced directly from family farms.She called immediately after the USDA grassfed claim was published in the Federal Register.In that interview I explained the mixed feelings I had about what the claim stated.Following is a result of that conversation.
New Rules Set for…
USDA Grass Fed Beef

In light of the recent publishing of the USDA grassfed claim I wanted to review the management protocol we use at American GrassFed Beef to clearly indicate how we produce our beef.
This standard is intended to embrace the following fundamental
• Grass-based animal production where animals are born and raised on open grass pastures.
• Holistic approach to…
american grass fed beef standard

American Grassfed Association Position Statement on the Newly Released USDA Grass Fed Claim

The Board of Directors of the American Grassfed Association appreciates the effort made by the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA to establish a Grass Fed Claim for Ruminant Livestock. That said, we are disappointed with the content of the Standard that AMS-USDA finalized today. We believe that…
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The United States Department of Agriculture has been working to publish a grassfed claim since 2002. The American Grassfed Association (AGA) of which Dr. Whisnant is President strongly protested the 2006 revision which addressed the feeding practice alone and did nothing to link the claim to animals raised on pasture.  Hence, it would have allowed for animals to be raised in…
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