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Bill Telepan is a wonderful chef in Manhattan at Telepan.  He sources his grassfed beef from our farm.  Our relationship began at a conference where he mentioned to Mark that, “I am sorry but I just don’t care for grassfed beef.”
Mark quipped, “You haven’t tried my grassfed beef.” And proceeded to send Chef some as a challenge.   Chef has used our…
heritage pigs

Mad Tomato, located in Clayton, MO has listed Rain Crow Ranch as their Featured Farmer.
We are honored to hold this position and are honored to serve beef to this outstanding, local, sustainable restaurant. 
Click here to learn more about them.
Rain Crow Ranch - Featured Farmer

Family, food and holidays are so intertwined in our memories that they are nearly synonymous. Just like most American households for 30 some years our family has celebrated our traditions of Thanksgiving with a feast.
Holding hands around the table to pray and say thanks, signing the traditional tablecloth (which I usually don’t get embroidered until the last couple of…
Pasture Raised Turkey Roast Recipe

Hickory Specialty Meats in Cape Girardeau was our son’s first business which he lost in a devastating fire this year. Insurance didn’t cover his loss to rebuild his smoke house so Jack has been helping our family business while he regroups.
When Jack heard of the Joplin devastation, he wanted to do something to help but didn’t have a lot…
joplin tornado damage

John Stossel aired a program last week on Fox Business that amazed me.  The aim as he admitted on the show was to offer the idea that natural, organic, chemical laden and grassfed food is not any better or even worse than industrial factory produced foods.  He further indicated that he is in favor of corporate capitalism and the cheap…
John Stossel’s Take is Just Wrong

Since the time our kids were born I had dreams of them loving farm life, the animals, the outdoors, and developing a deep passion for the wonder of the land and passion for its stewardship.
 Simple living that feels so right to the soul and keeps you in tune with the natural order of the world. Yet, for decades I…
A New Generation of Grass Farmers

Ethical Food is at the foundation of grass roots food politics.  Indeed people have begun to vote for what exists in the world by how they spend their dollar.  This food movement is not an outcome of policy set by the government or even health and wellness groups, rather it is a movement generated from the consumer level.  
You Can Eat Ethical Meat!

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