All of us today are concerned about the health and safety of our food and especially the food we put on our family tables. When my kids were growing up I would rather them harvest and process a wild turkey than use industrial chicken that is so full of antibiotics and hormones.  So we began to raise our own chickens and eggs on pasture for our family.
That is…
Baked Chicken Meal Ideas

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Guest Post: BJ
A few years ago, Dr. Patti Whisnant was visiting our home in Atlanta.  Since she lives in a rural town without many food choices, she loves to hit the “big city” specialty markets.
In one of our markets, she bought some small sweet red Peppadew peppers in the fresh olive bar.  She stuffed these with goat cheese and we had them as an appetizer.
Since I am not a…
Leftover Chicken Pizza Recipe

Guest Post: BJ
My 12 year old niece, Kenedie,  wants to be a professional photographer.   Luckily she chose a profession that she doesn’t have to wait for years to launch.  While she is visiting us from Florida, Kenedie is learning food photography, food staging and Photoshop.
Kenedie and her parents make their mason jar salads for the week on Sunday.  This way they have convenient, healthy meals to grab from the refrigerator when they are hungry.
Since July the 4th is just…
Mason Jar Steak Salad

Guest Post: BJ
If you are Paleo, you don’t have to have a bun to enjoy grass fed beef hamburger.
Paleo Grass Fed Hamburger Salad Recipe
2 lbs Rain Crow Ranch Grass Fed Beef
1 Package of Baby Lettuce
2 C Sliced Baby Portobello Mushrooms
1 Sliced Vidalia Onion (Or Sweet Onion)
3 Small Rainbow Sweet Peppers
Cranberry Pear Salad Dressing Recipe
3 T Lemon Infused Olive Oil
6 T Extra Virgin…
Paleo Grass Fed Hamburger Salad

Guest Contributor:  BJ
Tomorrow is Father’s Day
My dad was in his late 50′s when he had kids so it was like having a grandfather for a father.
I grew up in a retirement community in Florida. At the ripe age of 5,  my fondest memories are rocking on the front porch and sharing the “good ol’ days” with my retired neighbors and parents.  When you have an older father and grandparent buddies, you…
Leftover Grass Fed Steak Frittata Recipe

Guest Post:  BJ
When you have a lake house, family and friends love to visit
Since we have a steady stream of company, we don’t entertain but let everyone make their own schedule and most of their own meals.   Some of our best meals are prepared by our guests.
The other night, we were watching movies.  It was late and our friend visiting from Australia was starving so she rummaged…
Chicken Bacon Cheese Croissant Recipe

Okay, we are ranchers who happen to raise beef, pigs and chickens.  So at our family events we select one awesome hunk of meat and Southern sides from my upbringing to celebrate.  We can then go back to the smoothies and healthy, lighter portions when we have parted ways.
Conviviality goes a long way around our table and if there is a holiday, special event or just a gathering it…
Heritage Pork Loin Roast Recipe

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